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A Fleece of Gold - Interior Transformation!

Dia De Los Reyes Magos

Hanukkah * Christmas *  Kwanzaa


The cognition emerges with a vibrant display of light and interior sound. Life stories that resonate with those of so many in a brilliant dance of history, religion, and culture in a values marketplace of both needed and unneeded services, products, and ideas.

Heavenly tributes of loving kindnesses bestowed on dry parchment of waiting souls. The confirmation of Divine affection embraces with welcomings of the deepest awareness that you are because the Masculine/Feminine expression of Wisdom is found in a Fleece of Gold now and throughout an awakening, expectant 2014 world! 

                 Pamela S. Ellis, Ph.D. 

“No Confidence” Vote – U.S. Government Shutdown



Conflict resolution skills are paramount in order for anyone to have confidence in U.S. leadership, the economy, and work force. As reported this week in the Guardian News and Media Agency,


The US government shutdown debacle has hit investor confidence within the eurozone, according to the latest data from German research firm Sentix. Sentix's monthly measure of investor sentiment dropped to 6.1, from 6.5 in September. Analyst had expected the index to jump to 8.0, but it appears morale has suffered from the deadlock in Washington. Sentix reported that investors' current assessment of the United States, and the assessment of prospects in six-months time, has been noticeably damaged by the budget row and the debt ceiling fears. Its headline index for the US dropped to 16.8, from 24.8 last month. Overall indices for the emerging markets regions rose, while those surveyed remain optimism for Japan's prospects.


Have you reached your patience limit with what is happening in the U.S. government as of yet? If you have time to read this article, call your U.S. Representative now to be on record that you want the government re-opened and the debt ceiling lifted without conversation.


The time for any conversation with John Boehner, or any other persons, in Congress is over. Our duly-elected President must act quickly to repair the damage to our national reputation and investment markets. Before U.S. truckers leave their routes to blockade highways, how much more national and international embarrassment can America tolerate? How much is sustainable? We don't want the answer to these questions. It may be later than any of us might imagine.


AFT Congressional Call Assistance Tool:


Re-Open My Government - The Conversation is Over


Contact your representative and tell him or her to put country before politics and that you want the government re-opened and the debt ceiling lifted without conversation.


America...your country needs your call today!


A Comedy of Errors?  This is no laughing matter.




Live Shutdown Updates: Dueling Press Conferences 



China warns US over debt ceiling as deadlock hits markets - as it happened



Traffic Shutdown? Truck drivers plan 3-day protest on Capital Beltway


Our Common Space Asteroid - Read This IF You Love Science

Asteroid 1998 QE2

"A Minor Planet"

Asteroid 9 times size of ocean liner approaches Earth  


Asteroid 1998 QE2......closest approach today, May 31st at 1:59 p.m. Pacific (4:59 p.m. Eastern)......This is the type of asteroid thought responsible for dinosaur extinction....

White House Daily Snap Shot

Panel Discussion and Video

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A Human Face - Environmental Justice

Excerpt from:


Climate activists have to get outside Washington, build organizational networks across the country, stretching “far beyond friendly congressional offices, comfy board rooms, and posh retreats,” said a report by Harvard professor of government and sociology Theda Skocpol.

Phaedra Ellis, chief executive of Green for All, a San Francisco-based multicultural environment group, wondered whether the funders of mainstream groups are driving the divide.

“We’re applying for this grant, and they say don’t put in there the part about people of color and low-income. And we said, if you don’t want this in the proposal, we’re not a group you want to deal with.”

Tom Goldtooth, executive director of the Indigenous Environmental Network, based in Minnesota, said they need “to put a human face on the issue.”

Goldtooth said his network works with groups such as the National Wildlife Federation, attempting to stop the Keystone oil pipeline from extending across native lands from Canada to Texas. But big groups generally approach them only when they need something.

They “will not step up to fully support native rights,” Goldtooth said. “They’re allies of ours . . . [but]it’s not just asking us for help when they need it.”

Climate Controversy 2013 by AuthorHouseBooks

Climate Controversy 2013 - Is there any common ground?

Book Title: Climate Controversy 2013

Co-Author Reviewer: 
Pamela S. Ellis, Ph.D.

Despite the name of the book, the climate science facts presented are indisputable.  Common ground among those in education curriculum debates, composed of various socio-political networks, must be found very soon, or the profound environmental climate changes shown in Climate Controversy 2013 will continue unabated.  All of humanity must be welcomed to the climate science knowledge table to ensure a mutual sustainable future. This book beautifully demonstrates that each person situated in any group can make an environmental contribution to our quality of life and Earth's survival.  The cardinal question only remains...will we?

More on the controversy:


Purchase and/or review the book here:


Climate Controversy 2013 curriculum use meets Common Core Standards in that it requires an interdisciplinary approach to student learning of English/language arts and science as well as communication skills. A donation towards the environmental conservation efforts of the Natural Resources Defense Council benefits from all book purchases. 

Climate Controversy 2013 by AuthorHouseBooks

Condolences are not enough. Demand a plan to end gun violence.

Those lost from the gun violence belonged to us all.  A tragedy like this demonstrates that “we are our brother’s keeper.”  How are any of us supposed to have a Happy Advent now?  In the midst of planning which joyous Christmas service to attend, the tragedy of Connecticut grips those with a conscience at the epicenter of our being.  Don’t even go to the usual bewilderment question, “Why?”
The clear answer is a failure of national, state, and local government and civic leadership that provides for public safety and a humanities-based education.  I agree with the plan articulated by Anita Schumacher, "By coming together and lifting our voices, we can help prevent this from ever happening again." Join with many around the country today for a candlelight vigil and "make this a national moment of mourning, reflection, and resolve to act."


Not Even Close: A Landslide Victory for Obama over Romney Internationally

Obama Vastly Preferred Over Romney Internationally, BBC Poll Says by Meenal Vamburkar 


A new BBC poll showed that, in terms of overseas approval, President Barack Obama is the decided favorite. Of the 21,797 people surveyed in 21 countries, most prefer Obama over his challenger Mitt Romney.France was the most pro-Obama country, with 72 percent of its respondents favoring the president — followed by Australia. Pakistan was the only country whose respondents as a whole said they prefer Romney. The country with the highest support for Romney was Kenya (just under 20 percent), followed by Poland.

A look at the countries, ranked by support for Romney:

…and ranked by support for Obama:


This article was sent by Ebonique Ellis, International Education Director of BooksMotivate.org

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Pamela Ellis, PhD


Harambee Conference, LLC.


Rigged to Rise: How Romney's Crony Capitalism Corrupted Free Markets Without Creating Jobs

An Editorial Excerpt from the Featured Article of the Week:

Mitt Romney: The Great Deformer

by David A. Stockman



Mitt Romney claims that his essential qualification to be president is grounded in his 15 years as head of Bain Capital, from 1984 through early 1999. According to the campaign’s narrative, it was then that he became immersed in the toils of business enterprise, learning along the way the true secrets of how to grow the economy and create jobs. The fact that Bain’s returns reputedly averaged more than 50 percent annually during this period is purportedly proof of the case-real-world validation that Romney not only was a striking business success but also has been uniquely trained and seasoned for the task of restarting the nation’s sputtering engines of capitalism.


Except Mitt Romney was not a businessman; he was a master financial speculator who bought, sold, flipped, and stripped businesses. He did not build enterprises the old-fashioned way-out of inspiration, perspiration, and a long slog in the free market fostering a new product, service, or process of production. Instead, he spent his 15 years raising debt in prodigious amounts on Wall Street so that Bain could purchase the pots and pans and castoffs of corporate America, leverage them to the hilt, gussy them up as reborn “roll-ups,” and then deliver them back to Wall Street for resale-the faster the better. 


That is the modus operandi of the leveraged-buyout business...in an honest free-market economy, there wouldn’t be much scope for it because it creates little of economic value. But we have a rigged system-a regime of crony capitalism-where the tax code heavily favors debt and purposefully enables rampant speculation by propping up the price of financial assets and battering down the cost of leveraged finance.


So the vast outpouring of LBOs in recent decades has been the consequence of bad policy, not the product of capitalist enterprise. I know this from 17 years of experience doing leveraged buyouts at one of the pioneering private-equity houses, Blackstone, and then my own firm. I know the pitfalls of private equity. The whole business was about maximizing debt, extracting cash, cutting head counts, skimping on capital spending, outsourcing production, and dressing up the deal for the earliest, highest-profit exit possible. Occasionally, we did invest in genuine growth companies, but without cheap debt and deep tax subsidies, most deals would not make economic sense.


‘The Great Deformation: How Crony Capitalism Corrupts Free Markets and Democracy’ by David A. Stockman. 400 pp. PublicAffairs. $29.99.


In truth, LBOs are capitalism’s...vulture investors who feed on failing businesses...they have now become monsters of the financial midway that strip-mine cash from healthy businesses and recycle it mostly to the top 1 percent.     



This article was sent by Byron A. Ellis, PhD, Executive Director of Jethroproject.com


Send your favorite article of the week with commentary to info@harambeeconference.com . We want to know your thoughts on topics of importance to you, community, nation, and beyond.  The reason why we want this...because, we know you really care... Your articles and commentaries are reviewed for likely publication on our blog, and sent out to our email listserv...


Pamela Ellis, PhD


Harambee Conference, LLC.

Good Government Cares for Those at the Bottom "First."

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - Article of the Week:

Loyalty's for Chumps on the Street: Bankers' Man in 2008, Obama's been Dumped by the Money Men

The choice is so clear...
Actually, it is the tale of two countries. Wall Street always knew that Obama was trying to pull the wool over their eyes, and surreptitiously wanted to change the "preferences for some" equation. Romney is "genuinely" the man willing to take gullible "victims" "to the bank."
Everyone should vote their version of American values. Wall Street's Deception, i.e. for the Uber Rich, or with worthy contributors to candidates "Education, Microsoft, Google, and trade unions." Vote Early!!! What mistakes Obama has made pales in comparison to a ruling hierarchy of 120,000 families... We know that "over 90 percent of the nation's financial assets -- including stocks and pension-fund holdings -- are owned by the richest 10 percent of Americans.  The top 1 percent owns 38 percent...The 400 richest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans put together." (Reich, 2012).  Good government cares for those at the bottom "first."

Send your favorite article of the week
with commentary to info@harambeeconference.com. We want to know your thoughts on topics of importance to you, community, nation, and beyond.  The reason why we want this...because, we know you really care...  Your article and commentary will be reviewed for likely publication on our blog, and sent out to our email listserv...

Pamela Ellis, PhD


Harambee Conference, LLC.



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